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Policies and Guidelines

RF Generation has a few guidelines and policies. Most of these guidelines and policies are for submissions or staff. Guidelines help ensure that future growth of our database is done in a standardized format. If you are interested in doing submissions, we highly recommend that you check out our submissions guidelines. They'll help ensure that your guidelines are accepted the first time around.

Site Policies

Editor Policies - These policies apply to our editors. In addition to these policies, editors are also held responsible to the staff policies.

How to Join Our Staff - Want to join our staff? Read here to find out how.

Site Agreement - Any member of RF Generation must agree to our site agreement before joining. This is our agreement.

Staff Policies - These are the policies that govern the general activities of staff members. These policies were in development for months, and were implemented with the blessing of the current staff members. They are posted for all to see for the benefit of prospective staff members. If you are interested in joining our staff, please know that you will also be subject to these policies.

Submission Guidelines

Blogging Guidelines and Resources - These are pointers and guidelines for using the blogs as both members and staff. If you want to have your content promoted to the front page or possibly become a staff writer, here are several things to consider.

Canadian submissions - Determining if a game is North American or Canadian can be tricky at times, here's a few tips and rules of thumb to help you.

General Game Submission Guidelines - These guidelines provide many answers to how the game database works and how you can use the scripts to add games, make edits and fix errors. Each field on the game page is broken down and explained in detail.

Hardware Submission Guidelines - These guidelines will help you use RF Generation's hardware database, and explain how the process of submission works and what category each item falls into.

Image Submission Guidelines - Detailed guidelines and tips on how to add scans, pictures and screenshots for both the game and the hardware databases.

Release Type Guidelines - Everything you ever wanted to know about Release Types.

Secondary Guidelines for European / Australian / Middle East Submissions - Because of the complexity of PAL game (Europe, Australia, Middle East) submissions, we have a set of guidelines tailored to help curb incorrect region errors, to prevent duplicates, as well as split other listings into specific country entries.

Online Limited Retail Publishers - Limited release publishers and properly submitting the corresponding country of release.

Multi-generational Submissions - Guidelines for submissions that span multiple hardware generations.

Staff Guidelines

Submission Review Tips - Just a few tips to improve database uniformity and appearance.

Weekly Features Guidelines - These are the guidelines that govern the addition of weekly features. Any weekly features that are posted should follow these guidelines.

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