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Image Submission Guidelines

A note from the staff

First off we, the staff of RF Generation, would like to thank you for your interest in helping our community grow and look forward to adding your contributions to our ever growing databases. The following is a set of guidelines for image and picture submissions that will ensure we maintain a uniform structure to our databases and to make things easier for you to contribute.

Take special note however that we only accept original non-copyrighted images and scans. That means we do not accept scans and pictures from other websites and if a member's submitted images are found to be stolen, their future contributions will be suspect and subject to close scrutiny ever after. We do not wish to become embroiled in legal battles or forum wars because of stolen images taken from another websites nor do we condone this practice.

Where do I add or search for images?

First off, here's the link to the “Submit Images” menu:

Basically how the Submit Image Script works is this: Search for a game or hardware as usual, or by console, and all the results will be displayed. If it says in a particular column in red “no scan” for something like the back scan column, you can click on it. This will bring you to an upload page. Find the file (JPG only for scans) and upload it. The script will rename the image automatically and credit you (with the name you enter on the upload page - please keep this consistent to avoid duplicate entries), and the image should be there for viewing right away.

How big and what format?

All scans must be in the JPG format. As a general rule, all scans should be 550 pixels on the SHORT SIDE. Thus, the other dimension will be greater than 550 pixels. Just set the short side (height of a Genesis cart, width of an NES box, height of a CD case, etc) to 550 pixels and let your photo editor adjust the other side to scale. There's no reason to mess up the aspect ratio. If you need something that will resize a large batch of scans automatically and much more quickly than by doing it by hand, Co-founder Arrhalomynn found a free program that you can download here:

Batch Image Resizer: EasyThumbnails v2.9

For screenshots it's almost the same but a little different. First, screenshots can be in PNG or JPG format (remember that scans are JPG only). If your emulator or screen capture software takes them in bmp you can use this program to convert them to JPG or PNG. Also make sure screenshots are no larger than 576 pixels on the short side as well. (PAL Native Resolution) That is vitally important to maintain a neat look to the pages and keep load times down. So, if you are capturing a screenshot from a ROM, we ask that you do not upsize the image, and allow it to be the intended dimensions.

Here's another piece of free software to help you convert images to the .png (screenshots) or .jpg (scans or screenshots) format:

Image Converter: Solid Converter GX 1.1

What do each of the categories mean?

Special note While we do accept pictures of games as opposed to scans, we encourage members to submit scans to replace any pictures they see in the database. They look better, can be cropped to remove background imagery and in most cases are easier to read. So please don't feel offended if your pictures are replaced by scans or are rejected by staff. We do this for the sake of the site to improve the quality for all who use it.

Game/Hardware scans:

Front/Back scan

This is where you add scans for box/case fronts and backs and pictures of hardware boxes and retail packaging. Pretty self explanatory, but if you have an item your unsure of, feel free to search for other examples or PM a staff member for help.

If you have a game for systems such as the PlayStation, Sega Saturn etc where the front cover may also be the manual, you can submit a scan of the manual while it's inside the case as the front cover, or if it's dirty/damaged, the manual a second time in a pinch but preferably in another case if you have one handy. It'll make each game page more complete and uniform with the rest of the database. If you have a game with an overbox like the TurboGrafx 16, the box front and back are to be submitted as front and back respectively while the jewel case is Extra Media. If you see a game that has the jewel case as the front/back when it has an outer box, PM a staff member. We'll move those scans so you can submit the proper ones.

Game scan

This category is used for scans of game discs, disks and cartridges. Also for the foreseeable future, scans/pics of handheld game units such as Tiger handhelds and LCD games. Note: Scans preferred for all but pics of good quality can be accepted for toy/handheld units. Handheld units should not be confused with handheld platforms like Game Boy, GameGear etc that have their own sections.

If you find a case where a game has multiple discs/disks/cartridges, try to place them all in a line on your scanner so it makes a slim vertical scan no bigger than 550 pixels (short side) in the JPG format. If the game has several that cannot fit together in a scan, submit the first disk as the game scan and the rest as extra media scans.

Hardware scan

If your submitting hardware scans/pics, this category replaces the Game Scan one. This is where you submit pictures of the actual hardware item outside of it's packaging. Front of the hardware, back, bottom, any others you think we may want. Don't go crazy like a photo shoot, just use your judgment as to what you think is necessary. The staff will review them and choose any extras outside of the main ones based on quality and validity.

Manual scan

Pretty self explanatory, this category is for game/hardware manuals only. If you have an item your unsure of, again feel free to PM staff. Also take a look at the next category (Extra Media), you may find your item listed there. If you have multiple manuals i.e. alternate or different language, submit the main one as a manual scan, and submit the others as Extra Media.

Extra media

This is where everything else that doesn't fit into the above categories go, keeping in mind the same size/format guidelines still apply. Alternate/different language manuals, alternate box art that doesn't meet the variations requirements (PM staff if your unsure), soundtracks, jewel case scans for PC games that have boxes with CD/DVD cases in them, pre-order bonuses, strategy guide scans, registration cards and other inserts, bonus items like posters and maps, included accessories, hardware innards like motherboards etc etc.


On the image search results page, in the screenshots column, you should see four links for each game: IG, TS, ES, and AS. IG is in-game at the top left, TS is title screen in the middle, and ES is end screen on the top right. Anything else is an action shot (AS). There can be as many action shots as you want, but the other three are a single image only.

In-game shots are actual gameplay. For an idea of what is appropriate, think of the in-game shot as the one image of gameplay that best personifies the whole game. Only one image can be displayed here, multiple submissions will overwrite the previous image.

Title screens are the title screen of the game. Only one image can be displayed here, multiple submissions will overwrite the previous image.

End screen is the screen shown when the game has been beaten (NOT “Game Over” screens, unless that is what it says at when the game has been finished successfully). Only one image can be displayed here, multiple submissions will overwrite the previous image.

Action shots perhaps should have been named in-game, as they can include both more in-game shots, FMV stills, menu screens, game over screens, and pretty much anything else you want to. Action shots are just for an assortment of screenshots from the game. This is the only listing you can submit multiple images for.

Anything else I should know?

While viewing a game's image categories you notice that a link is green, that means we have image(s) for that criteria. If it is red, we don't.

  • Try to keep a solid colour background for good contrast. No one expects professional photography here, but a nice contrasting background that isn't busy on the eyes will make nice pictures.
  • If you see a scan or image of poor quality that you can submit a better copy of, please do. Though we take images with price tags, markings and somewhat blurry pictures for extremely rare items, we always want to improve them. If you have a scan of an incredibly rare game/hardware, we figure a marked up one is better than nothing until/if we can replace it.
  • If you suspect a scan or image may be incorrect or misplaced in the wrong category, bring it to the attention of staff. We can move pictures and edit the pages when necessary.
  • If an image or scan appears to be from another website and you have proof, let us know. We do our best to avoid such instances but sometimes one may slip through. We'd appreciate knowing so we can rectify it immediately.
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