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Front Page Writers’ Guidelines

  1. All articles should contain, pictures, videos, and any other more interactive features to create a better experience for our readers. Each article must have a picture at the top, followed by a solid first paragraph (2 paragraphs also acceptable, if it flows better) to draw in your reader and to let them know what you are going to discuss. After this initial paragraph(s), please use a [BREAK] as a means to keep your front page footprint smaller and to keep our readers from missing other articles or from having to scroll down. If you feel the need to veer away from this format, send a PM to the Content Director.

  2. Identify and give appropriate credit to the owner(s) of the media you use in your articles (pics, videos, etc.) when possible. Any images or video that may be inappropriate for all audiences should be posted below the BREAK, with the following disclaimer above the BREAK:

  3. Remember that this is a “family” environment. Please avoid any inappropriate language or material in text portion your articles (see #2 re: pictures, video, or other media). If you are unsure as to whether something is appropriate or not, send a PM to the Content Director. Articles can certainly be fun and humorous, but be sure they are not offensive or at the expense of someone else.

  4. Dates listed on the Blog Schedule are the publication dates, NOT the article due dates. Please understand that editors need time, to review and edit your article, and contact you should there been any major changes or clarification needed. As a result, please turn in your articles at least a 24 hours prior to their publication date. If you have an issue with your deadline or something comes up, that is fine, just let the Content Director know at least a few days ahead so that we can coordinate appropriately.

  5. Center all pics and videos in order to keep the front page looking consistent.

  6. Italicize and capitalize the titles of all games in your article.

  7. In regards to resigning or limiting your position: We realize that this is an unpaid position and that all of you have real jobs and lives. However, please understand that in an effort to attract and retain the most members as possible, keeping articles coming out consistently is of utmost importance. I know that we all have other things going on outside of RF Generation and this obligation can become a daunting task. If you decided that you aren't interested in writing for the front page anymore, contact the Content Director via PM to discuss it. Ultimately, the decision is yours and though we would love to keep you all on staff forever, we understand. However, please do us the courtesy of fulfilling your obligation to the front page for the remainder of the posted schedule. This will keep us from having to scramble around to find a post and/or manipulate the schedule. It will also provide us with some needed time to try and locate a replacement for you.

*These are some standard practices we would like to adhere to for now and are subject to change or amendment. We are also open for suggestions as to how to make our front page better in terms of content, so please feel free to offer them up.*

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