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Canadian Submissions

Now this is as much for staff as it is members, so everyone please take note. Determining if a game is Canadian or North American can be tricky business. The difference between them is a Canadian game is only sold in Canada, while a North American game is sold in the United States, Mexico and Canada. Sometimes stores import games from the States and other times, places like EB/Gamestop transfer stock from the US to Canada which puts US-only games alongside Canadian ones.

So here's a few general rules of thumb for everyone to consider when submitting games or reviewing them that will hopefully make things easier:

  • If a game has all English on it, 9 times out of 10 it's North American not Canadian, regardless of where it's sold. If it has an extra manual inside and/or cover wrapped around it, it's still a North American release, and the extras can be submitted as extra media scans while the UPC and part numbers as trivia.
  • If it has both French and English, it's most likely Canadian. That's not always the case however, so having info like the part number (found on discs or back covers) and UPC will make the process of approval much easier for the staff. Some games will have English, French and Spanish on them, which will most likely be North American.
  • If it's a Nintendo game that has a CAN at the end of the part number, it's Canadian. This especially applies to NES games.
  • Canadian PS2 games have a “-F” on the end of the part number i.e. SLUS-10836-F
  • While 99% of all Xbox games are North American, Xbox 360 games can be Canadian or North American. Canadian games have an extra manual and both languages on the covers. It's important to include the UPCs and part numbers if possible so we can verify them.

If you need some help in verifying a game or piece of hardware, contact the staff or post about it in the Announcements and Feedback forum.

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