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Console: Sony PlayStation 2
Year: 2006
RFG ID #: U-072-S-09740-A
Part #: SLUS-21376
UPC: 014633151053
Developer: Criterion Studios
Publisher: Electronic Arts
M (ESRB): Strong Language , Violence

Genre: Shooter
Sub-genre: First Person
Players: 1
Controller: Standard Controller
Media Format: DVD x1
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In this first person shooter, the player takes control of Black Ops Sergeant First Class Jack Kellar. Your mission is to use an means necessary to destroy the Seventh Wave, and eventually avenge the deaths of fellow Black Ops agents by taking out Lennox, the man behind the organization.

Black is perhaps one of the last great games for the PS2, pushing it, presumably, to it's limits. This game is very enjoyable, easy to get into, and offers an explosive experience.
On the positive side, the sound, destruction, weapon choice and animation is all amazing. Such weapons as the Ak47, Magnum Revolver, Combat Shotguns, RPGs etc will all aid you in your quest to destroy your enemy; much of the cover is destructible; and let's hope you've got an awesome sound system to appreciate the powerful sound quality of this game. For a console game, Black does a good job with controls, both for guns and grenades, beating out the game I often compare it to, Killzone.
On the negative side, the AI can be foolish at times (in my own experience, sometimes are granted instant 180 degree turns if shot in the back), at times the game can be insanely difficult (it took me 3 and a half hours to beat the last level on hard!!!). And, as with many console FPSs, it is plagued by it's saving system, not very good compared to a PC brethren.
Overall, if you're looking for a deep story line, go for something more along the lines of Half Life. If you want mindless "awesomeness" then pick up Black.
Rating: Highly Suggested; 85%
-- Matt Rideout (dotDarkCloud)

Matt does in fact enjoy the "awesomeness" of this game. He is currently near completion, and lives in the Gulag. He is a close friend of Lennox.
Extra Media:

Bilingual Manual - Front
Bilingual Manual - Back

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Game Trivia:

  • Black is made by the same team behind the Burnout series.
  • Additional technical details:
    • 96 kb of memory card space
    • Progressive Scan enabled
FAQ's/External Links:


Left Analog
Right Analog
Pick up weapon
Toggle suppressor
D-pad Up
Change firing mode
D-pad Left/Right
Change weapon
D-pad Down
Use Health Pack
Secondary Objectives Update
  • You can only carry two weapons at once.
  • A player can only carry three "Health Packs" at once (only available in Easy and Normal), however there are "Med Kits" that are used up as soon as you walk on them available.
Game Credits:

Performance Credits
  • Music Produced by: Michael Giacchino
  • Original Score by: Chris Tilton
  • Performed by: Hollywood Studio Symphony Orchestra
  • Live Action Sequences Directed by: Joseph Hodges
  • Live Action Editing and Visual Effects by: Ntropic
  • Performances by: Marty Papazian, Paul Pape, Jackie Gonneau, Rene Mujica
  • Voices: Jackie Gonneau, Marty Papazian, Paul Pape, Cree Summer, Rene Mujica, Jason Singer
  • English Voice Casting by: Terri Douglas
  • IT Manager: Frank Tindle
  • IT Support Engineers: Paul Devonshire, Shaun Smith
  • Senior HR Manager: Deese Scott
  • Senior Recruitment Manager: Matthew Jeffery
Criterion Games Credits
  • Executive Producers: Fiona Sperry, Alex Ward
  • Producer: Jeremy Chubb
  • Lead Designer: Craig Sullivan
  • Senior Designer: Stuart Black
  • Designers: Richard Bunn, Tommy Hudson, John McCann, Michael Othen
  • Development Director: Jon Lawrence
  • Development Managers: Angela Hunt, Adrian Selby
  • Assistant Development Managers: Mitsuo Hirakawa, Charlotte Stevens
  • Production Support: Dean Evans, Paul Glancey, Peter Hawley, Helen King, Gemma Moore, Nilo Rodis
  • Technical Director: Richard Parr
  • Senior Lead Programmer: Olly Read
  • Lead Programmer: Stephen Lucas
  • Senior Programmers: Alex Fry, Richard Thomassen, Tom Williamson
  • AI Programmers: Sylvain Cornillion, David Harvey
  • Lead Audio Programmer: David Steptoe
  • Audio Programmers: Zsolt Marx, James Smith, James Warren
  • Lead Gameplay Programmer: Sean Murray
  • Gameplay Programmers: Rob Cowsill, Martino Figueroa, Andy Gray, Manuel Sanchez, James Trubridge, Ben Woodhouse, Lukasz Ziolkowski
  • Lead Graphics Programmer: Jon Creighton
  • Graphics Programmers: Cédrick Collomb, Davide Pirola
  • Lead Presentation Programmer: Phillip Hounslow
  • Presentation Programmers: David Addis, Anders Granlund, Chris Major, Sarah Wood
  • Tools & Build Programmer: Ling Lo
  • Lead Visual Effects Programmer: Tad Swift
  • Lead World Programmer: Robert Dodd
  • World Programmer: Graham Daniell
  • Additional Programming: Peter Bishop, Michael Carr, James Harlow, Jon Head
  • Art Director: John Miles
  • Lead Concept Artist: Lee Robinson
  • Concept Artist: Rasmus Jørgensen
  • Lead Visual Effects Artist: Jonathan Graham
  • Visual Effects Artist: Ingmar Clarysse
  • Lead Character Artist: Robert Corcoran
  • Character Artist: Edward Lavin
  • Lead Animator: Neil Parkinson
  • Senior Animator: Neil Manners
  • Animators: Gabriel Gelade, John Lee
  • Lead Weapons Artist: Chris Healy
  • Front End Artists: Filip Aleksandrow, Andy Beck, Samuel White
  • CG Supervisor: Jon Neil
  • Technical Artist: Timothy King
  • Lead World Artists: Max Cant, Richard Franke, Neil Kaminski, David Rack, Carl Ross
  • World Artists: Thomas Adams, Femi Adegboye, Tony Cartwright, Nicole Coleman, David Flynn, Jack Griffin, Ben Hayden, Quyen Lam, Kwok Law, Remi Lefort, John Lewis, Phillip Lloyd, Barry Meade, Craig Moore, David Nye, Emma Nye, Ian Palmer, Young Jin Park, Adriaan Pottas, Damien Rayfield, Damon Rayner, Matthew Snyman, Mark Tatham, Steve Wilding
  • Additional Artwork: Paul Ayliffe, Chris Baker, Geoff Heatley, Tim Hollyman, George Hull, Yukiko Konno, Gary Napper, Gert Stevens, Lee Taylor, Matt Taylor, Daniel Walker
  • Audio Director: Stephen Root
  • Lead Sound Designer: Chris Sweetman
  • Technical Sound Designer: Ben Minto
  • Senior Sound Designer: Chris Hegstrom
  • Sound Designer: Joanna Orland
  • Additional Sound Design: Peter Cusack, Charles Deenen, Paul Gorman, Charles Maynes, Christopher Watson
  • Foley Recording: Jason Swanscott, Kevin Tayler
  • Foley Recorded at: Pinewood Studios
  • Previsualisation Development Manager: Siouxsie Stewart
  • Previsualisation Lead: Pete Lake
  • Previsualisation Audio Lead: Steve Emney
  • Previsualisation Artists: Jeff Benoit, Lyndon Munt, Roger Schembri, Chris Walley
  • Marketing Artist: Daniel Porter
  • Main Theme by: Michael Giacchino, Chris Tilton
  • Score by: Chris Tilton
  • Music Produced by: Michael Giacchino
  • Story: Alex Ward, Stuart Black, Guy Miller
  • Screenplay: Alex Ward, Guy Miller, Nilo Rodis, Craig Sullivan, Adrian Vershinin
  • Cinematics Directed by: Joseph Hodges
  • Cinematics Edited by: Daniel Korb
  • Cinematics Art Direction by: Rudy Poat
  • Cinematic Visual Effects: Nathan Robinson, Cole Schreiber, Matt Tremaglio, Nathan Walker
  • Film Supplied by: Image Bank Film, Getty Images
  • Additional Film Supplied by: Korbis
Black Team Would Like To Thank
  • Central Marketing Team: Jonathan Bunney, Roy Meredith, Claudine Joris, Steve Kelsey
  • North American Marketing Team: Patrick Buechner, Lincoln Hershberger, Eric Kress, David Silverman, Bryce Baer
  • TV Spot Creation: Ian McGregor, Dave Sullivan, Wieden & Kennedy
  • Thanks to: The Renderware Team, Steve Schnur, The EA LA Music Team, The Burnout Team, Steve Cuss, John Adams
  • Special Thanks to: The Gun Store - Las Vegas, www.thegunstorelasvegas.com
  • Tandoori Catering by: Planet Spice
  • Programming Support by: The Woking Beer Festival
  • Russian Voiceover Produced by: Kranx Productions
  • Russian Voiceovers Recorded at: Muza-Games Studio
  • Russian Voiceover Producer: Alexey Menshikov
  • Translation And Editing: Daniel Demchenko
  • Russian Specnaz Military Advisor: Fridrich Heider
  • Recording Engineer: Vladimir Grezneff
  • Assistant Engineer: Pavel Stebakov
  • Recording Producer: Oleg Bazayev
  • Studio Engineer: Artem Kolpakov
  • Russian Voice Talents: Pavel Balashov, Andrew Daniluk, Igor Kitaev, Victor Korjenko, Nick Lazarev, Andrew Yaroslavtsev
  • French Voice Talents: Damien Boisseau, Gérard Dessalles, Gilber Levy, Anne Jolivet, Martial Le Minoux
  • Italian Voice Talents: Matteo Zanotti, Marco Pagani, Alessandro D'Errico, Aessandra Felletti, Claudio Moneta
  • Japanese Voice Talents: Eiji Hanawa, Goichi Komiya, Tsuguo Mogami, Hochu Ohtsuka, Gou Shinomiya, Michie Tomizawa
  • German Voice Talents: Sascha Rotermund, Reent Reins, Wolf Frass, Jennifer Böttcher, Lennart Kruger
  • Spanish Voice Talents: Juan Arroyo, Luis Porcar, Jesus Rodriguez, Pepa Castro, Roberto Cuenca
EAUK Credits / EAUK Studio Exec Team
  • General Manager: Rory Armes
  • Chief Operating Officer: David Byrne
  • Chief Financial Officer: John Ward
  • HR Director: Sue Eilfield
  • QA Director: Chris Ambler
  • Franchise Test Manager: Gareth Rogers
  • Franchise Test Leads: Craig McLeod, Gareth Harding
  • QA Leads: Jay Huckstep, Morgan Hugues, Matt Longley, Ian Moore, Iain Spoors
  • QA Testers: Fraz Ahmed, Nabeel Akhter, Dami Akintola, Lee Appleton, Ian Anson, Anish Antony, Simon Arnold, Aaron Avery, Jonathan Brothwell, Donna Brooke-Mee, Jonathan Burroughs, Leon Chua, Amy Clark, Rory Clench, Tim Comerford, Darren Culley, Steve Darnell, Rachel David, Jon Dean, James Dorney, Muhammed Eljaouhari, Robin Evans, Richard Forjoe, Sean Francis, Robert Glenister, Alice Gollon, Philip Gregory, Paul Harvey, Lee Hawkings, James Herman, Youssef Hussein, Tom Hyde, Alex Kemp, Wng Lam, William Lindesay, Elliott Lock, Darren Loveless, Gareth Ludlow, Edward Newlands, Alexander Norman, Gary Oliver, Edward Pinnock, Richard Powell, Kyle Rowley, Chris Roxburgh, Abdul Salako, Marvin Salteras, Hassan Sammak, Sanjay Sharma, Jonathan Shearn, Jim Slarke, Emma Slater, Alastair Smith, Thomas Thompson, Kory Vandenberg, Byron Wessels, Joe Wilkins, James Willis, Karl Witham
  • Test Consultancy Manager: Joseph Grant
  • QA Process Manager: Andrew Miller
  • Technical Compliance Manager: Marcus Purvis
  • Lead Technical Analysis: Richard Hylands, Martyn Sisley
  • Technical Analysts: Bill Carter, James Melling
  • Compliance Testers: David Ambler, Ben Miller, Leon Pozo, Constantin Yacoumis, Jonathan Ansell, Alex Reid, Mohamed Elwakili, Anthony Karavias
  • Studio Operations Team: Jonathan Bartlett, Natalie Francis, Laura George, Anne Miles, Krishna Sankreacha, Andrew Twiss
  • Mastering: John Brunton, Daniel Burnett, Stephen Chard, Desmond Gayle, James Kneen, Sam Roberts, Alan Vincent
  • Studio Localisation: Michael Cooper, Patrick Klaus, Masataka Nemoto, Sandra Picaper, Sam Turner
  • Integration Team: Eduardo Belinchon, Santiago Cimmerian Capa, Jose Maria Castrillo, Juan Comesana, Mike Harding, Inés Hernández, Laura Lopez Marin, Sergio López Obeso, Aitor Manero, Stephan Poelwijk, Maria Puerta, Joao Roseta
  • French Localisation: Olivier Cornu, Audrey Demanget, Sylvain Deniau, Guillaume Moerman
  • German Localisation: Robert Böck, Julian Born, Alexander Bowman, Nadine Monschau, Bernd Niemietz
  • Italian Localisation: Enrico Balducci, Fabio Maccari, Stefano Mozzi, Synthesis International
  • Japan Localisation: Kei Iwamoto, Kimihiro Taniyama
  • Spanish Localisation: Rodrigo Abad, David Alonso, Teresa Bajo, Álvaro Corral, Pablo López, Intrawords , Renaud L. Gonzalez
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