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Posted on Jan 19th 2022 at 08:00:00 AM by (GrayGhost81)
Posted under vr, gaming

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

Tetris Effect - Like many before me I wondered "how can they make Tetris worth playing in VR?" before firing this up. I tried it out last year when I acquired my physical copy from Limited Run, but it didn't get its hooks in me at the time. In my search for VR titles to play, I discovered that the main game mode for this game (which is all I have played), is rather short, so I dove back in. The pull of Tetris Effect is that yes, it's the Tetris that we all know and love but set against some beautiful and fantastic backdrops and integrated with an amazing soundtrack by Hydelic.

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Posted on Jan 17th 2022 at 08:00:00 AM by (slackur)
Posted under coop

Now that we are a couple of weeks into '22, and since co-op is kinda my jam, I figured I'd do a quick recap on some co-op games you may have missed last year.  This quick list excludes some better known titles such as It Takes Two, The Ascent, and Back 4 Blood, and instead focuses on some that may have slipped through the cracks.  Oh, and I won't mention how much I enjoyed Aliens: Fireteam Elite because I've already mentioned it in a few articles, so I won't bring up how much fun I had with Aliens: Fireteam Elite again in this article and how you should find two friends and play through Aliens: Fireteam Elite.  Also, I didn't get around to KeyWe or Very Very Valet, both of which I intend to pick up but have yet to do so.

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Posted on Jan 13th 2022 at 08:00:00 AM by (Disposed Hero)
Posted under VGM, cover, metal, final fantasy

Truth be told, I've only dabbled in Final Fantasy XIV a bit, and I'm not sure if I actually heard this theme in the game or not. But when Torn From the Heavens came up as an 8BBG track, I was really intrigued and was looking forward to working on it. I was working on my recently posted Those Who Fight cover at the same time as this one, so that's where most of my creative energy went during that time, so this ended up being pretty much a simple recreation of the original track. Nonetheless, I still think this cover turned out pretty decent, and I hope you all enjoy it!

Posted on Jan 1st 2022 at 08:00:00 AM by (MetalFRO)
Posted under Mega Man, Slide, opinion, retro gaming, game mechanics

It is the express purpose of this column to bring light into dark subjects, to bring hope where there is despair.  For every great game or game genre, there is a trope, game mechanic, or other characteristic that is often maligned, even hated.  I am here to defend the defenseless, to uphold justice where none has prevailed, to give meaning where once none was found.  No game is perfect, but not every flaw is glaring.  My job is to show that some of these things have redeeming value.

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Posted on Dec 27th 2021 at 06:36:11 AM by (Whipeeir)
Posted under illusion of control, illusion of control, manage, education, help, writing

Sometimes at a crucial moment, chance can decide for you, but it's very scary to admit it. It is easier to live with the attitude that we are able to manage circumstances and control our own and other people's actions.

You became a team leader, you were entrusted to manage an entire project. You meticulously think through the goals and objectives, allocate responsibilities among employees. But you constantly feel that you or your team can miss something. You regularly check everything, carefully watching every step of your employees. But suddenly you fall ill and have to treat yourself at home. When you return to the office after a week, suddenly there is a problem, because of which you have to redo half of the work. You are bursting with anger, because if you had not been sick, perhaps this would not have happened. This is an example of the illusion of control when a person thinks that he can influence the circumstances. But in fact, the only thing to blame is chance. Im Dustin Bratten from wowessays and I tell, what to do with all these problems.

What is the illusion of control?
The illusion of control is a cognitive distortion that convinces us that our actions alone determine the success of an action. Scientists conducted a study in which they observed dice players. When a player wanted a big number, he made a strong dice roll. When he wanted a small number, he put less effort into the role. But the strength of the roll had no effect on the result, and the players kept trying to influence the circumstances anyway.

Why is it important for us to be in control?
There are two types of situations: the first type is work, relationships, hobbies, which require the exercise of skills and abilities, the second type of situations is gambling, contests, lottery, where chance has more influence. Where a person can influence the circumstances, he takes action - examines the situation, develops a strategy, makes a decision. In situations where chance decides, these actions are useless. But the person continues to do something anyway, hoping that it will help influence the outcome. On the one hand, the illusion of control helps us remain optimistic and work harder, forgetting that all the work can burn out in a minute. On the other hand, when things don't go according to plan, the illusion of control makes us blame ourselves even more for the unexpected.

How do you avoid falling under the hook of the illusion of control?
Before starting an important task or project, think about what directly depends on your actions and what cannot be predicted. This will help you calculate your actions more carefully and, in case of unforeseen problems, survive failure more easily. If you like this article, you can visit my website and check out other articles here https://www.wowessays.com/buy-term-papers-online/, it would be best if you stop developing different systems in situations where chance decides. Everyone wants stability and certainty, but in life, it is not. So it's worth it to just accept this fact.
Don't just blame yourself. If you failed, then analyze what happened. If you have overlooked, been lazy, or forgotten something, then draw conclusions and move on. If chance intervened - just accept the fact that it happens in life.

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Posted on Dec 26th 2021 at 11:13:03 PM by (koola6)
Posted under TowerFall, TowerFall, party games,

TowerFall has to be one of my favorite games.
The people who know about this blog from slackur (about 99.9%) know that I love the Jackbox Party Pack series.
A game that I love about equally is TowerFall.

The reason I don't talk about it as often is it's often hard to get setup fast enough to be brought up as a valid suggestion for a family game night or just hanging out with some friends.

For those of you who don't know, TowerFall is a 16-bit 4:3 (usually) game with two main modes: a battle royale mode, and a campaign mode. I'll be talking about the battle royale mode in this article, as it is the one that personally I like better, and I have never tried to complete the campaign, as of yet. The gameplay loop is simple: kill the other players. Now the way you do that is similar to the game Killer Queen Black; each person gets one life per round, and you can kill another person by jumping on them (we like to call that Mario-ing) or shooting your arrow at them. There are many other layers to this concept though.

The safest place to be in TowerFall is most likely always the air, because in the air, you can easily dodge arrows. You can dodge in the air, and this can be used to easily grab onto ledges and climb, steal an arrow going through the air, or simply go places faster. This game was made by the people behind Celeste, so naturally you can only dodge once in the air.

You win the game simply by having enough kills. The points system is based purely on kills.

Using these rules and some background elements, the team at Matt Makes Games (I love that name) was able to create a very addictive game that can be enjoyed pretty much anywhere, anytime.

And that's cool.

I've been koola, and it's 11:09 where I'm writing this; I should probably be getting to bed.

(Falling towers is better than crashing castles.)

Posted on Dec 24th 2021 at 08:00:00 AM by (Disposed Hero)
Posted under VGM, cover, final fantasy, metal

Final Fantasy VII's main battle theme Those Who Fight has always been one of my favorite tracks in all of VGM and was one of the main tracks I wanted to cover when I started my channel. I purposely held off on doing it though because I didn't think I could do it justice at the time and wasn't confident that I would be able to make the cover I really wanted to make until I had some experience under my belt. So fast forward about a year and half later, I've improved and somewhat learned the ropes with making these covers, and I finally feel like I've 'found my sound' if that makes sense. The time finally felt right to create my own interpretation of a very important piece of music. Was it worth the wait? Yes, it was. I can confidently say that I made the cover that I always wanted to make. I still don't consider it perfect, but after delaying it and working on it for an extra week, I knew I would never be 100% satisfied with it. It's time to call it done and move on. It's extremely gratifying for all the ideas I had swirling around in my head for the last couple of years to finally come to fruition, and I really hope you all enjoy this one as much as I enjoyed making it!

Posted on Dec 22nd 2021 at 08:00:00 AM by (NeoMagicWarrior)
Posted under Deck Builder

It's time to Duel with this month's "A Brief Look At" with Neo!

This month, we check out Ascension for PC and Mobile (and a physical card game)!

Posted on Dec 21st 2021 at 09:58:21 PM by (koola6)
Posted under Animal Crossing New Horizons, Animal Crossing, failure, Animal Crossing, I am never bringing The Brilliance Of back

Well, I have just been in the RFGeneration swing of things lately. Two articles within four months?

Honestly, I find this a good way to convey my thoughts nicely, and it helps take up time.

So let's talk about Animal Crossing. Animal Crossing, for the two of you not in the loop, is a life simulation game where you are convening with "villagers" and as The Cutting Room Floor puts it, endlessly paying off your debt to a raccoon who has a monopoly over the entire island.

I like metal descriptions of things.

So, in every new Animal Crossing game they add new villagers and new features. Animal Crossing: New Leaf brought the most content changes, before Animal Crossing: New Horizons's newest update. In Animal Crossing: New Horizons you are the Island's Representative. People were lured into the game's new features when the its trailer first dropped. Terraforming (the ability to change the whole natural look of your island), placing furniture outside, and general doing more than you could in the other games, including placing villager's houses wherever you'd like, and better camp features.

When people actually got it into their hands, (myself included) most people were addicted to the game, and its new features.

However, getting used to these features, they quickly dropped the game and now it's getting more shelf time than play time.

The game went over 200 days without any updates at all.

And then, right as they thought Nintendo was done with it, a new update appeared.
This included The Roost, a feature from earlier Animal Crossing games where villagers and you can sit and drink coffee.

People played the game for around a day when this update came out, and then immediately lost interest again.

Now, why was this?

Animal Crossing: New Horizons was supposed to be a game you could keep playing forever. But the lack of new features (the only thing if you didn't have the DLC that came with the new update was The Roost), generally no new direction, and lackluster online (this was one of the better games(!)) made people not want to play.

Nintendo has made better games in the past, and I feel like this was one of their edge cases. I'm still for Nintendo, and they can learn from this, I think; if they learned from the Virtual Boy, they can learn from this.

I've been koola, and your 2012 Minecraft dog feels lonely. Please check up on him for me, would you?

(Crossing Animals sounds way worse than Animal Crossing.)

Posted on Dec 20th 2021 at 08:00:00 AM by (GrayGhost81)
Posted under vr

Photo by Mikhail Nilov from Pexels

Bood & Truth - Originally conceived as a sequel in the Getaway series, Blood & Truth sees the player as a small time London gangster embroiled in a battle with a rival family who are trying to execute a "hostile" takeover. With the move controllers, you will mostly be shooting at your foes with a decent variety of guns but also interacting with objects in the environment, including some electronics hacking and lock-picking. The movement is teleportation only but it works pretty well and feels smooth. There is a very minor weapon upgrade system that can be utilized between levels but it is nothing special, especially given the fact that there are only a handful of weapons in the game overall. The game is story driven, but the story never gets in the way of the action. However, I found the characters hard to take seriously. Dramatic moments didn't have quite the impact on me that the developers intended, because the whole thing seemed a little goofy to me, especially given that you can emote with a button press, and one of the gestures you can make is a particular one finger salute. Having said that, Blood & Truth is a must-play for PSVR owners.

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Posted on Dec 20th 2021 at 07:33:18 AM by (ericward)
Posted under Education

Edited at 11.04.2020 - Essay paper format

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The theme of an exhibition ought to the natural flow of the body. Its movements as it moves from one point to the other. When the reader looks at the presentation, he must imagine that the event took place in a real-life context. And if the display is based on the physical environment, the setting will reveal to the audience the mood of the exhibit. That is very intriguing.

When creating a title for an experimental sketch, the researcher doesnt have to draw abstracts nor present an entire setup. They would prefer to proceed with the broader investigation and develop a rundown of the whole subject. After that, whatever ideas the client may have landed on during the exploration and that is exciting, the rest will be equally investigated. It is straightforward for the teacher to determine whether to accepts theReferencing and Expanding thesis, regardless of the case.

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Posted on Dec 18th 2021 at 11:08:56 PM by (koola6)
Posted under Baba Is You, coding, Omnifate, GameMaker Studio 2, Baba is You

Ok, well, I've stopped thinking of creative ways to talk about the delays of my blog posts. I'm supposed to have one every month, right? AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA-

Well, anyways, I've been coding and Arting(tm) lately as well as have been making more than my fair share of music. Development is going along well.

In my time not spent developing I have been mostly watching YouTube videos; however I have also been replaying through some games including Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, Super Mario 3D World, and Super Mario Bros. 3. I'm making my way through OneShot and will hopefully have an article about it in at least 83 years.

I've even started my own game collection as well.

And I'm making it my goal to have learnt toki pona (it's a conlang. That's cool but I won't get into it here) by February 2022.

Wait this article is about Baba Is You?

The game I find my self coming back to the most now that I've coped with the fact that I can't beat every game is Baba Is You. As previously described like a year ago, it is a block pushing puzzle game where the rules themselves are present on the screen as blocks that can be pushed around.

It recently recieved a level editor update, which piqued my interest. Now, the level editor isn't exactly new, as it has been around in the PC version for a year now.

Unfortunately I have no way of buying stuff on my PC so this has been unreachable for me until now.

I must say the controls for the level editor are rather weird; I think that since it's been on PC so long, the developer had to make a way for it to work on Switch. It literally uses all the buttons on the controller for different functions.

Now, the level editor is extremely versatile. It contains every word in the game. Because this game is essentially a programming language in and of itself, this allows you to take the Minecraft Redstone approach and build computers, so long as they fit into 64 x 32 squares.

This means that you can make music, games, and other stuff really easily.

Also, part of the level editor itself is the existence of levelpacks, which are essentially entire games made with levels from the level editor. In simpler terms, the entire original release of the game is a levelpack, and you can make games that big using levelpacks.

Now, the developer has added 2 whole new games' worth of content into Baba is You.

This is the type of developer support I want to see in more games. I (as a developer) want to do that, and I hope more games can learn from Baba Is You, to make more games finished, and then add content down the line if they ever want to.

You simply don't see that in AAA games, from my point of view. EA gets bashed so many times for this, and rightfully so, in my opinion.

If you're a aspiring game developer, heed my advice.

This has been koola, and I just thought of ending my articles like this.

(Baba Is You has influenced my music so much, so that's another reason.)

Posted on Dec 18th 2021 at 08:00:00 AM by (slackur)
Posted under 2021, Video Games

Pictured: Another mainstream media/futurist/political/conspiratorial lie.  It is the end of 2021, and not only do we not have flying cars, no one I know has a Hydrosub either.  I blame the supply chain breakdown.  Giant birds, ornithopters, and 1970s TVs not included.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, fellow RFGeners!  As we close out the last 365 24 hours together, let us focus on the positive, and not the errors I keep accidentally adding to the database.

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Posted on Dec 14th 2021 at 08:00:00 AM by (MetalFRO)
Posted under Shoot the Corecast, Shmup Club, Irem, Tamtex, R Type, SNES, Super Famicom, Super Nintendo, shooting game, shoot em up, shooter

In Episode 041, MetalFRO and Addicted take a close look at a game from a venerable arcade developer, as it moved away from the arcade setting, and into people's living rooms. How does this third entry in the R-Type series fare against its arcade forbears, and does it successfully bring the formula home?

You can stream or download the episode right here on RF Generation:

Or check out our Linktree page, to find the feed for your preferred podcast platform:

Check out the original discussion thread for the game here:

Thanks for listening!

Posted on Dec 12th 2021 at 08:00:00 AM by (MetalFRO)
Posted under Christmas, Gaming, tradition

Growing up as a child in the 80's, I recall a few stories from friends and classmates about the video game goodies they got to open at their family Christmas celebrations. It was always fun to hear what they got, in part because I knew I would probably get a chance to play some of those games soon enough, when I could go over to their house. Sometimes it was high praise for the game or console that mom & dad (or grandparents) bought them, and occasionally it was complaints that they got a game they thought was "lame" or that they had already thoroughly played via rentals or borrowing from friends. Typically, I was more than a little jealous, since I never got gaming stuff for Christmas. My first game system was the Game Boy at age 12, and I didn't get my own console until I was 14, and I had to buy it (and the TV it hooked to) myself. So I had to live vicariously through others, reveling in their new acquisitions as best I could from afar.

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