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Double Switch
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Console: Sega CD
Year: 1993
RFG ID #: U-048-S-00310-A
Part #: 4419
UPC: 010086044195
Developer: Digital Pictures
Publisher: Sega
MA-13 (VRC)

Genre: Adventure
Sub-genre: Interactive FMV
Players: 1
Controller: Standard Controller
Media Format: CD-ROM
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Console Reg. Type Title Publisher Year Genre
Sega Mega CD A S Double Switch Sega 1994 Adventure
Sega CD Brazil S Double Switch Tec Toy 1994 Adventure
Sega Mega CD E S Double Switch Sega 1994 Adventure
Sega Mega CD J S Double Switch Sega 1995 Adventure
Game Trivia:

  • The game contains over 60 minutes of full-motion movie action.
FAQ's/External Links:


*From the manual*

  • HOW TO PLAY - When you start the game Eddie welcomes you to the Edward Arms and introduces you to the residents (Elizabeth the manager, Lyle the handyman, Brutus the ex-con, and Alex the journalist). He encourages you to trap all outsiders (and one insider, Lyle the handyman), and help him get out of the basement by getting the lock code numbers.
    On the left of the screen is the Building Map of the Edward Arms building. On the bottom right of the screen is the Trap Control Panel.
Easter Eggs:

  • Hidden Video Scene - Play through the game until you reach Act III, then lose intentionally. When the screen goes dim, and the Game Over video starts to play, quickly press, on Controller 1: Left, A, Up, Right, A. The normal scene will disappear, and you'll see a weird sequence instead.
Game Credits:

Created & Produced by - Digital Pictures Inc.
Executive Producer - Tom Zito
Producers - Paul A. Levin, James Riley, Dena Maheras
Director - Mary Lambert
Original Concept - James Riley
Story - Christian Williams, James Riley
Screenplay - Flint Dille
Interactive Design - James Riley, Ken Soohoo
Computer Graphics - Cuyler Gee
Computer Programming - Ken Soohoo
Music Composer - Thomas Dolby
Digital Pictures Lead Tester - David Popovich
Sega Test Manager - Stephen Patterson
Sega Lead Tester - Dermot Lyons
Sega Test Lieutenants - Maria Tuzzo, Rick Greer
Sega Product Manager - Dean Fox
Sega Staff Producer - Chris W. Bankston
Special Thanks - Charlie Ogden, Riley Russell
Cast Camille Cooper (Alex), R. Lee Emrey (The Handyman), Wendy Gazelle (Phoebe), Corey Haim (Eddie), Deborah Harry (Elizabeth), Irwin Keyes (Brutus), Taylor Negron (Slick Sammy), David Packer (Jeff), Kim Oja (Laura), Brooke McCarter (Bang)

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