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Console: Nintendo SNES
Year: 1994
RFG ID #: U-044-S-06600-A
Part #: SNS-4L-USA
UPC: 045496830328
Developer: DMA Design
Publisher: Nintendo

Genre: Racing
Sub-genre: Unique
Players: 1-2
Controller: Standard Controller
Media Format: Cartridge
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Uniracers is a simplistic, quirky racer that really knows how to have fun. While racers these days tend to focus on motorized vehicles, Uniracers takes the unicycle and forms a game that is a ton of fun.

The back of the box reads as follows:

Out-of-control speed plus outrageous stunts equals Uniracers fun!

Single-wheeled and single-minded, Uniracers are the best at what they do: accelerate to screen-blurring speed! They're also awesome at pulling flips, twist, turns, and catching monster air off of the many mondo ramps, hills, and half pipes of their race track worlds. The more outrageoud the stunt, the faster the Uniracer goes! The sky's the limit!

Racing is the entire purpose of a Uniracers existence. You can race against the clock, against friends head-to-head or in a custom tournament. Challenge the mysterious ghost bike to become the uni-versal champion! It's one of the fastest races on the Super NES yet!

  • Customize your own Uniracer!
  • Race solo against the clock or computer, go head-to-head with a friend, or form groups with up to eight players for a tournament challenge!
  • Negotiate amazing obstacles including glue, ice, ramps, and half pipes!
  • Super fast head-to-head competition!

Uniracers is a rather quirky racing game. Players don't race cars, karts, or bikes, but rather players pit unicycles against each other, attempting to beat the computer or another player. Add in that these unicycles race on psychedelic multicolored tubes and you will find yourself wondering just how weird this game really is.

The truth is, that while as quirky Uniracers appears to be it still is a rather enjoyable game. To start, players select a unicycle to play as (there are many colors). Once that is done, the player is then asked to select a racing cup. Once a cup is selected he can choose one of the five races inside the cup. There are three categories of races, lap races, races to the finish, and stunt challenges. Each cup also has three difficulties, bronze, silver, and gold. If the player chooses to play the bronze difficulty, then he will race against Bronsen in the lap races and races and races to the finish, and in the stunt challenge he will have to reach a certain goal in a specific time. As the player ups the difficulty the goals in the stunt challenges become larger while the opponent in the races will change, and become faster. Completing each cup at each difficulty will unlock new cups and challenges as well.

Control in uniracers is pretty simple. The player uses the d-Pad to move, the B buttons causes the unicycle to jump, and the A, X, L, and R buttons are used to perform stunts. For example, the L and R buttons cause the unicycle to do flip and rolls. A successfully completed stunt will cause the unicycle to move faster, and this added speed is essential in beating the more difficult opponents. Stunts can be compounded as well, and doing more stunts while in the air will cause the unicycle to move even faster. Don't expect to beat the gold ghost without performing perfect stunts.

The track can be contorted in many ways, from being a loop to a bowl to a ski jump, if you can imagine a contortion, then the track is probably contorted in that manner. To help the player get through the contortion, the developers has color coded the track to guide the player safely through the circuit. A green and blue track symbolizes easy riding, red and blue signals trouble ahead, yellow and blue signalizes the the end of the track coming up ahead, and a rainbow track means that the player has strayed really, really far off course. If the player sees rainbow track, then it probably is a good idea just to start over. This color coding system is essential in assuring that the player makes it through the track headache free.

Uniracers also has a two player split screen mode. Multiplayer is identical to single player with the exception that rather than playing against the ghosts you actually are playing against someone else. All tracks are available to be played in multiplayer.

Uniracers is a fun, fast racer. This game shows that something as mundane as unicycles can be turned into a fun and enjoyable experience. Those who own a SNES should at least check out this rather enjoyable game.

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Console Reg. Type Title Publisher Year Genre
Nintendo SNES Brazil S Uniracers Nintendo 1994 Racing
Nintendo SNES A S Unirally Nintendo 1995 Racing
Nintendo SNES IE, GB S Unirally Nintendo 1994 Racing
Nintendo SNES BE, FR, LU, NL S Unirally Nintendo 1994 Racing
Nintendo SNES Germany S Unirally Nintendo 1995 Racing
Nintendo SNES Spain S Unirally Nintendo 1995 Racing
Game Trivia:

  • To unlock the Jumper and Bounder cups, get bronze in the first four cups.
  • To unlock the Runner and Sprinter cups, get silver in the first six cups.
  • To unlock the Hunter cup, get gold in all 8 cups... yeah, good luck with that.
  • To do a Tabletop, tap the X button twice quickly.
  • A lawsuit from Pixar caused Nintendo to cease sales. They alleged copyright infringement because of one of their short films featuring a sentient red unicycle.
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Easter Eggs:

  • The game will return not cool enough if you try to change your name to Sega, Sonic, or Satan.
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