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Mario Paint
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Console: Nintendo SNES
Year: 1992
RFG ID #: U-044-S-03190-A
Part #: SNS-MP-USA
UPC: 045496820084
Developer: Nintendo
Publisher: Nintendo
Genre: Simulator
Sub-genre: Art
Players: 1
Controller: SNES Mouse
Media Format: Cartridge x1
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Mario Paint is an odd little game that tries to make a new genre with video games. Does it work? To be blunt...not really.

In Mario Paint, you have a few options of things to do. For starters, you can make pictures in a Microsoft Paint fashion. Secondly, there is an animation mode where you can do pretty much anything from making Mario take his pants off to having him get mauled by a bear. There is also a mode in which you can make songs with many different sound effects. Finally, there is a neat little mini-game. Now, some of this is good, although most of it isn't.

Let's start with the picture making. This feature is actually pretty fun. Back in the days when the SNES was in fruition, not everyone had a computer, or in all reality, big sister Susie wouldn't let Johnny on the damn thing because she was busy talking to her boyfriend. You all went through it at some point. In any case, this game did give kids an outlet for their creative skills. There are 15 different colors and 75 different backgrounds and textures to choose from. There are also a few different pen and eraser sizes as well a paintbursh and airbrush feature.

Now we get into the fun stuff. And by fun stuff, I mean the kind of thing that makes you wonder what the developers were thinking. Let's start with the animation feature. If only you lived for an extra 1000 years, then you might actually sit down to take the time to make a thirty second movie. It seriously took me over two hours to make a decent cartoon of a Mario getting killed by a bear. I know it is a little out there as far as cartoons go. I was bored. Deal. Anyways, the function just isn't that great.

Now onto the music generator. This part of the game is actually a lot of fun, until you realize that no matter how much music ability you have, you just cannot make a decent song out of quarter notes. Each beat that is played can only be played for one count. In essence, if you actually wanted to have Stairway to Heaven played out on the music generator sung by pigs, you could. The only problem that you'd run into, other than the impossibility of figuring out how to put Stairway to Heaven into one staff, is the fact that it would sound like someone was punching the pigs and they sang each beat of every measure. It is a great mode to play with for an hour, but you will tire of it quickly.

The last game mode worth mentioning is the Fly Swatter mini-game. Now this is actually a lot of fun. Well, it's only fun for a small amount of time. In this game, you are a hand, with a fly swatter, and go figure, you are swatting flies. It is a game that can prove to be very difficult. The most difficult part though, is when you are zooming the mouse over to the other side of the screen and you run out of mouse pad! There aren't many more frustrating things, especially something that it near impossible to control. Also, if you play Mario Paint enough, the bottom of your mouse starts to get worn out, making this mini-game an even bigger challenge.

Is Mario Paint as bad as I am making it sound? No, it really isn't. If you get a hold of this game, you will play it, and you will enjoy it for a few hours or even days. I bet though, that unless you are incredibly patient, you will only pick this game up, at best, once a year. My final thought is; don't play this game expecting to get hundreds of hours of gameplay. Play it to amuse yourself during a thunderstorm.

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Extra Media:

SNES Mouse & Mousepad
Manual Variation (SNS-MP-USA)
Nintendo Power #39 - Aug 1992
SNES Mouse Manual
SNES Mouse Manual Back
Game Manual Back
Mouse Cleaner & Cap

Console Reg. Type Title Publisher Year Genre
Nintendo SNES A S Mario Paint Nintendo 1992 Simulator
Nintendo SNES Brazil S Mario Paint Playtronic 1992 Simulator
Nintendo SNES FR, NL S Mario Paint Nintendo 1992 Simulator
Nintendo SNES DK, FI, NO, SE S Mario Paint Nintendo 1992 Simulator
Nintendo SNES United Kingdom S Mario Paint Nintendo 1992 Simulator
Nintendo SNES Germany S Mario Paint Nintendo 1992 Simulator
Nintendo Super Famicom J S Mario Paint Nintendo 1992 Simulator
Nintendo SNES U S Mario Paint [Players Choice] Nintendo 1996 Simulator
Nintendo SNES U S Mario Paint [Player's Choice - For Display Only] Nintendo 1997 Simulator
Nintendo SNES Canada S Mario Paint Nintendo 1992 Simulator
Nintendo SNES U S Mario Paint [Scoop Cart] Nintendo 1993 Simulator
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