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Advanced Dungeons & Dragons: Death Knights of Krynn
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Alternate Title:Death Knights of Krynn
Console: Commodore 64
Year: 1991
RFG ID #: U-018-S-06500-A
Part #:
UPC: 016685051374
Developer: SSI Special Projects Group
Publisher: Strategic Simulations Inc (SSI)
Genre: RPG
Sub-genre: Turn Based
Players: 1
Controller: Joystick + Keyboard
Media Format: 5.25" Floppy Disk x3
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Commodore 64 U S Advanced Dungeons & Dragons: Champions of Krynn Strategic Simulations Inc (SSI) 1990 RPG
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Game Credits:

  • Developers: Ken Humphries, Dave Shelley
  • C64 Programmers: Paul Murray, Jim Jennings
  • Artists: Maurine Starkey, Mike Provenza, Laura Bowen, Cyrus Lum, Fred Butts, Daniel Colon Jr.
  • Encounter Authors: Rhonda Gilbert, Ken Eklund, Carolyn Bickford, Gary Shockley, Cyrus Harris, Alan Marenco
  • Playtesters: Mike Gilmartin, Glen Cureton, Phil Alne, Jeff Shotwell, John Kirk, Erik Flom
  • Music: The Fat Man, Dave Govett
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