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Console: Tiger Handhelds
Year: 1989
RFG ID #: U-00T-S-01110-A
Part #: 7-811
Developer: Tiger Electronics
Publisher: Tiger Electronics
Genre: Action/Adventure
Players: 1
Controller: Built-In Controller
Media Format: Built-in
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A handheld adaptation of the ever-popular NES game, manufactured by Tiger Electronics, makers of several portable versions of popular video games before the Game Boy made the scene.

Game Trivia:

Like the NES game, you are free to select the eight Robot Masters in any order you wish. However, Woodman and Crashman were removed from the game (even though Crashman is pictured on the game's cover art).

The stages consist primarily of running to the right while shooting or dodging Battontons and Snappers (the normal plasma gun and Atomic Fire are the only weapons that work on them).

The bosses weaknesses are as follows:
* Heatman - Weak against Bubble Lead
* Airman - Weak against Bubble Lead
* Bubbleman - Weak against Quick Boomerang
* Quickman - Weak against Metal Blade
* Flashman - Weak against Quick Boomerang
* Metalman - Weak against Atomic Fire
* Croaker (1st Wily boss) - Weak against Quick Boomerang
* Mech Dragon (2nd Wily boss) - No weakness (Only the plasma gun works on him) * Dr. Wily - Weak against Bubble Lead

Airman and Flashman don't give you new weapons; all you get from them is another plasma gun. This may work well for extra ammo, however, as the standard gun does use weapon energy in this game.

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