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Collection Description:
Mainly focusing on collecting GameBoy, GameBoy Color, and GameBoy Advance games along with variants and multiple copies for multiplayer games. I only buy ,sale ,trade in person so it will take a wile to get most of them, but luckily there is a few local retro gaming stores around here. (will add more info as necessary)   11/22/20 - Pictures coming when I figure out how to get the file size down enough to post them.

Collection Stats:

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Nintendo Game Boy Advance  567 (34%)
Nintendo Game Boy  416 (25%)
Nintendo Game Boy Color  345 (21%)
Nintendo DS  65 (4%)
Nintendo GameCube  54 (3%)
Multiple Consoles  51 (3%)
Atari Lynx  49 (3%)
Nintendo 3DS  22 (1%)
Nintendo 64  15 (1%)
Nintendo Switch  13 (1%)
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Collection Images:
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