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Collection Description:
I like thrifting and game hunting, I don't like overpriced games.
Not counting steam  games in my collection ( http://steamcommunity.com/id/FireStarw/ )

Other Game stuff that isn't feasible or im too lazy to add to the DB:
Bung gbxchanger, (With 3 16M carts and CD)
GB 8 in 1 multicart
interact gba sp speakers, gba sp headphones, intec gba case +headphones +battery pak, madcatz car adapter (gb.gg.nomad)
Okitel 1200, Okimate 10(c64 printer)
Raphnet Snes to GC adapter Gen 1, N64 to GC adapter v2
Carby Gamecube HDMI adapter (GCvideo v3)

Misc controllers:
Generic PS1 Justifier
Thrustmaster saturn rip-off PC pad

Game Books:

Collection Stats:

Sort By:
Atari 2600  161 (13%)
Sony PlayStation 2  105 (8%)
Sony PlayStation  90 (7%)
Sega Genesis  83 (6%)
Nintendo Wii  80 (6%)
Microsoft Xbox  66 (5%)
Nintendo GameCube  59 (5%)
Nintendo NES  57 (4%)
Nintendo 64  52 (4%)
Sega Game Gear  49 (4%)
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