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Console Reg. Type Title Publisher Year Genre
Nintendo 64 U S GoldenEye 007 [Players Choice Million Seller] Nintendo 1997 Shooter

CountryMembernameView CollectionCommentsQtyBoxManPM
 abmanView Collection 111PM
Lake ArrowheadAlfadorView Collection 100PM
SeattleAm4zingGam3rView Collection000PM
 asz22View Collection 111PM
MilwaukeeAtarian75View Collection 111PM
 Beardcore84View Collection 111PM
 bigunsgamesView Collection 011PM
 bloodjoyView Collection 000PM
 boatack13View Collection 111PM
 BoneSnapDeezView Collection 100PM
LakewoodBoshampView Collection 100PM
 bosox1256View Collection000PM
 CommieMutantsfrom___View Collection 111PM
Long Beach, NYDaveMMRView Collection 111PM
 DavidEView Collection 100PM
 Dr. StrangebuttsView Collection 000PM
 edawgView Collection 100PM
 FitgnatView Collection 100PM
 Funky DynamiteView Collection 100PM
 Gamecollector03View Collection 111PM
C.B.S.GameRileyView Collection100PM
Milwaukeegecko007View Collection 100PM
Milwaukeegecko007View Collection100PM
 goshhe15View Collection 111PM
 hotelmarioView Collection 100PM
 incubus421View Collection 111PM
 jg1688View Collection 111PM
 JimbusView Collection 000PM
 joeyz27View Collection 111PM
salt lake cityJubalView Collection 000PM
 kaminariView Collection 100PM
 Ken0hView Collection 100PM
 KwixotikView Collection 100PM
 lyokog12View Collection 100PM
 mightyqdawgView Collection 111PM
Centralia ILMrFizzleView Collection 100PM
 MrRoboto19XXView Collection 000PM
 mustkiluView CollectionCIB111PM
 MyNameIsVinceView Collection 100PM
YoungstownNES_RulesView Collection011PM
 partyvegetableView CollectionNo Marks or Damage100PM
RocklandPaully3433View Collection 110PM
 QosmokidView CollectionExcellent100PM
 RaookaView Collection 100PM
 ReterochogView Collection111PM
 RetroMammouthView Collection 100PM
 RobotCowhandView Collection 111PM
 rpgcollectorView Collection 111PM
 saris91011View Collection 100PM
 segacanuckView Collection 100PM
 Silver80View Collection 111PM
 slackurView CollectionOfficial Nintendo Power100PM
 SpoonView Collection 111PM
 Spwee1494View Collection 111PM
VictoriaStigzillaView Collection 100PM
 The Atari JunkieView Collection 100PM
 The BearView Collection 111PM
 theFrostWalrusView Collection 000PM
 thegoon02View Collection 111PM
CINCINNATItigerhandheld1989View Collection 100PM
 Timzy88View Collection 100PM
 tjulianView Collection 100PM
 traish666View Collection 000PM
 UnlimitedBaconnView Collection 100PM
 VaftView Collection000PM
 vlad sokarView Collection100PM
 Warpuddy666View Collection 110PM
Gainesville, FlWempsterView Collection101PM
 whoisJSRView Collection 101PM
 WompaStompa11View Collection 111PM
Silicon ValleyZagnorchView Collection g111PM
WinnipegZe_roView Collection 100PM
SeattlezodiacprimeView Collection111PM

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