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APF TV FUN Model 401

Console: Pong Consoles
Year: 1976
RFG ID#: U-00P-H-00150-A
Region: North America North America
Part Number: ----
UPC: ----
Manufacturer: APF Electronics
Class: System
Subclass: ----
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The APF TV Fun is an early Pong clone manufactured by APF Electronics, Inc. in 1976. The stand alone console went through numerous iterations, of which the Model 401 is the earliest. Later models maintained the general form factor of the 401 but added detachable paddles and light guns. The 401 originally sold as a battery operated unit using six "C" batteries. It came with a RF modulator and has a switch for Channel 3 or 4. For an additional charge, a "battery Eliminator" (AC adapter) could be ordered from APF in order to use AC power. The 401 is a self contained unit with two rotary dials set on either side to control the paddles. The unit comes with four built in games and switches to change paddle size, ball speed and ball angle. The four games are: Table Tennis (pong), Hockey, Squash and Single player Squash.
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